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My First pair of Pointe Shoes

My First pair of Pointe Shoes

How do I choose the right pointe Shoes

It is very important to find the right pointe shoes if you want to be the best dancer you can be. Not only will it help you maintain healthy feet, and help endure as little pain as possible but attain good technique.

Make sure your supplier are knowledgeable and should preferably have dance experience. Don’t be shy or feel intimidated be honest in how it feels, that is the only way the person fitting you will know what you need. Visit more than one shop if you need to. A shoe that fits well should not hurt.


Pointe shoes should fit snug, and your toes should not be squashed or have too much room inside the box. The big toe should touch the tip of the shoe without pushing against it. The padding should be fitted with the shoes, this will change the sizing. A too wide box will not give you sufficient support and a too narrow box will squeeze the toes and cause blisters and bruised toenails. The length of your toes and height of your arch will determine the length of the box. The longer the box will give support but it would require more foot strength. With a too short box your foot will collapse damaging your toenails and will have crammed knuckles.

The Sole

The sole of the shoe offers different thicknesses and strengths. The stronger and higher your arch the harder your shoe needs to be. Your first pair of shoes will most likely be a softer shoe and will help build foot muscles.

The Box

A box that is too wide won’t gif the foot enough support and your foot will have too much room to move around in the shoe, too little with cause the foot and skin to bruise easily not giving your foot enough room to move through the foot movements and will pinch the toes in a unhealthy shape.

The length of your toes and height of your arch, will determine the length of the box. A longer box will provide more support, but to rise into point will require more foot strength. A too short box won’t give enough support and your foot will collaps and foot knuckles will crunch down in the box.

The Platform

The shape of the platform will depend on the shape and width of your foot and toes. Some are more square with a bigger platform and others are more pointy with a smaller platform. This will aid in your balance. Some dancers would glue a piece of leather on to help lesson slipping.

Foot care

It is important to have proper foot care . keep them clean and dry. Wash your feet and always wear clean socks. Keep your toe nails not too long or too short. There are antifungal foot cream and foot powders to prevent althlete’s foot and fungus. Today there are multiple different products to help with protecting toes and delicate skin. Things like Dancers dots, Toe Savers toe pads, Pillows for pointes Lambs wool Pillows, Bunheads Ouch Pouch, Nikolay Silica Gel Pointe shoe drying inserts. Capezio Cozy Toes Gel pads, Bunheads Super Spacers, Sansha Gel Toe Pad, Bunhead Jelly Tips, Eurotard Feather Lites Gel Toe Pads. Danztech Bit Toe Bunion Pad.